Sunny Elm Street 2


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”



This real life elm street is one of my favourite places for a walk.

I did go along it with all my heart today. It was too hot outside for me to enjoy the walk itself, but I came back with a bag of new fish for one of my tanks – beautiful Cardinal tetras, and a piece of fine driftwood too.


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It`s been about 35 C (95 F) here lately, the hottest summer it has ever been in many places around the country.



Peaceful July Landscape

Reading the news is so depressing these days.

All that fighting and killing “for peace” feels so misguided. 

But I can`t make peace out there.

The only way I can ever contribute to peace in this world – is to create it within.

Here is a peaceful July landscape.


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The world is a mirror.

It can only reflect what is inside of us – the good and the bad.




Mating With Petunia

Astronomer Carl Sagan once famously said that humans would have a bigger chance to successfully mate with petunia than with aliens.

With all due respect to Carl Sagan, I am not convinced.


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What do you think?

Could that mating with petunia somehow work?  

And what on earth would the offspring look like? ;-)